ASPA 2017 in Perugia

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ASPA 2017 in Perugia

ASPA 2017 in Perugia

Dr. Jing Liu, our CEO, was joined by Mr. Mario A. Rosato from Sustainable Technologies for a demonstration of our Gas Endeavour, a new smart instrument for in-vitro digestibility test of feed, at this animal nutrition conference in Italy.

Bioprocess Control joined together with our Italy and Spain partner, Sustainable Technologies, presented and demonstrated our new smart solution for in-vitro digestibility analysis in the National Congress of the Animal Science and Production Association that was held in Perugia (Italy) on 13th-16th. Our new instrument, Gas Endeavour, has gained high interest among scientists who require routine analysis for digestibility, energy contents, feed additives, rumen microbiota, etc. Gas Endeavour provides a new opportunity for more accurate and high precision analysis with significant reductions of time and labour.     

ASPA2017 - Gas Endeavour

At this year event prof. Afro Quarantelli from UNIVERSITÀ DEGLI STUDI DI PARMA presented a preliminary study on using Gas Endeavour for the in-vitro evaluation of ruminants feeds through gas production. The experimental data obtained from Gas Endeavour is significant high on data quantity and quality. A short video of this presentation can be found in Sustainable Technologies' website. We are very pleasured to see the high level of interest in this new technology solution. 

Prof Afro Quarantelli - Gas Endeavour


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