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Swedish method for biogas production has success in China

Swedish method for biogas production has success in China

The Swedish company Bioprocess Control specialises in optimising the commercial production of biogas. The company was recently recognised at the national innovations competition Chun Hui Pei and invited by China’s leading research parks to establish business activities in the country.

Bioprocess Control develops, markets and supports process adapted supervisory and control applications that optimise the commercial production of biogas. With an advanced optimisation application in place, the production of biogas can be improved by 10-30 percent for some producers, while significantly higher for others. Overall, the application has a quick payback time.

Chun Hui Pei is an annual innovations competition that is arranged by the Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE). Bioprocess Control placed in a top position in this competition and was therefore invited by several leading Chinese research parks to establish a base in China for both research activities and to promote their innovation.

- Establishing a base for both R&D and business related activities in China is a key element of our business strategy, and will ensure that the necessary structures are in place to serve the Asia Pacific region once our flagship product Biogas OptimizerTM is launched. Already during 2007 we are planning to select a base for operations, commented Kristofer Cook, Managing Director for Bioprocess Control.

In February, Bioprocess Control was also awarded first place in the Swedish national innovations competition MiljöInnovation 2007. The jury motivated their decision by saying that the innovation Biogas OptimizerTM had both a large economic and environmental potential benefit by contributing to a greater uptake in the consumption of biogas and better utilisation of organic waste materials.

Biogas is a renewable fuel that can be produced from different types of organic materials in an oxygen free environment. Despite the release of carbon dioxide, biogas is one of the most environmental friendly fuels as its combustion does not provide a net contribution of carbon dioxide to the environment.

About Bioprocess Control

Bioprocess Control AB (www.bioprocesscontrol.com) is a privately held company based in Lund, Sweden and technology and market leader in providing advanced instrumentation and control technologies for research and commercial applications in the biogas industry. The company was founded in 2006, bringing to market more than 15 years of industry leading research in the area of instrumentation, control and automation of anaerobic digestion processes. 

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