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The latest guideline for BMP analysis of organic wastes published in Water Science and Technology as open access article

A workshop held in June 2015, in Leysin, Switzerland, with over 40 attendees from 30 laboratories around the world, had taken into discussion the possibility for defining the latest guideline for the determination of the methane potential of a given organic waste. The outcome and consensus of the intense roundtable discussions from the workshop are summarised in this paper, i.e. Holliger et al., Water Science and Technology, 2016, 74(11) 2515-2522.

Recommendations on controlling the parameters that strongly influence the outcome of BMP tests, such as inoculum characteristics, substrate preparation, experimental set-up, methods for measuring the produced gas, and data analysis are presented.

Moreover, compulsory aspects for the validation of BMP results were defined. They include the minimal number of replicates, the request to carry out blank and positive control assays, a criterion for the test duration, details on BMP calculation, and criteria for rejection of the BMP data.

Such a control will allow increasing the reliability of the results obtained in BMP tests.

Towards standardisation of BMP

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