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Recovering a lost batch test thanks to the /data function

Murphy’s Law is valid in every aspect of human life and BMP assays are not an exception. We tend to believe that everything is under control during a test, just because such is the function of a lab: providing controlled conditions in order to ensure the tests’ repeatability. Though Bioprocess Control AB strongly recommends that all of its instruments are fed through an UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply), many small laboratories -especially those installed in anaerobic digestion plants for process monitoring purposes- usually do not have one. Both AMPTS II and AMPTS II Light are equipped with non-volatile memories, so in case of blackout there is no risk of losing all the experiment’s data. If the blackout is short (less than two hours), the eventual production of gas that the instrument will not be able to read is irrelevant and the final result will be just a bit underestimated. If the blackout is long (more than two hours) the final result will be inaccurate, eventually useless, because the reactors will continue to produce gas and the instrument will not be able to register it, giving anomalous low BMP values. Fortunately AMPTS II and AMPTS II Light have a feature that allows to recover a test that otherwise would be lost because of a blackout: the "/data" function and system log.


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