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A review article on microbial BOD sensors for wastewater analysis

The determination of biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) is an empirical test in which standardised laboratory procedures are used to determine the relative oxygen requirements of wastewater, effluents and polluted waters. The conventional BOD test has certain benefits such as beinga universal method of measuringmost wastewater samples, and furthermore, no expensive equipment is needed. It has, however, the limitation of being time consuming and quite labour intensive. This review article published in year 2002 presents various BOD sensors constructed in the biofilm configuration regarding performance characteristics like linearity, response time, precision, agreement between BOD values obtained from the biosensors and the conventional 5-days test, as well as toxic resistance to various compounds and operational stability. The techniques for improvingthe agreement between the sensor BOD and BOD5 are described. Information provided also includes BOD biosensors based on respirometers and other measuringprinciples, the commercial BOD instruments, as well as the current limitations of BOD biosensor development.

Jing L. and Mattiasson B. (2002) "Microbial BOD sensors for wastewater analysis", Water Research 36(2002), 3786-3802

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