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Bioprocess Control Joins European Research Institutes in a Major Greenhouse Gas Research Project

A tractor spreading manure on a field

Bioprocess Control will co-partner with Aarhus University (Denmark), Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering and Bioeconomy (Germany), Wageningen Livestock Research (the Netherlands), RISE (Sweden) and Lund University (Sweden) on a project to develop a new method to estimate methane emissions from manure. This method will then be used to investigate farm-level greenhouse gas mitigation, and for upscaling to national inventories.

Dr. Jing Liu, Bioprocess Control CEO said: "Bioprocess Control acts as the sole industrial partner and will have a major role and responsibility in developing a new in-vitro laboratory test protocol, together with Lund University, using an automated batch fermentation analysis platform from Bioprocess Control to quantify methane and carbon dioxide produced in bulk slurry and at the air-liquid interface. Results can be used to parameterise sub-models of daily methane emission from utilisation in country-specific models."

The project will run over three years, ending in 2022.

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